This initiative re-imagines George MacDonald’s 1864 fairy tale The Light Princess through an international collaboration in visual art and reflective blogging among MacDonald researchers from Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Scotland, and the U.S.A. We are using a mixture of media to inspire new discussions of the tale in an online space, allowing a wide range of audiences to engage with MacDonald’s Victorian text. Each digital storytelling post responds to a chapter of The Light Princess through an illustration, a link to and a recording of the original text, and then a reflection on the chapter. Christi Williams, an artist whose recent ‘George MacDonald: Visions of Hope and Fear’ project creates visual reflections on MacDonald’s poetry, is contributing images.  For a collection of the digital storytelling posts, please see the ‘Digital Storytelling Archive’ page.

As a result of the response to the digital storytelling posts, we have launched Re-Awakenings: MacDonald and Music, which brings together artists from the U.K. and the U.S in an exploration of how musical interpretations of MacDonald’s texts might increase our understanding of character and imagination.  Combining a wide variety of musical genres and backgrounds, Matthew Roy, John Chamberlain and Stefan Smith will provide musical movement to awaken new reflections of MacDonald and of the fantastic imagination.  For more information about this initiative and for an archive of related posts, please see the ‘MacDonald and Music’ page.
This project also takes place across social media platforms:our Facebook page complements the blogsite as a source for extra content in the intervals between the blogposts. You can also follow us on Twitter (@subvertinglaugh) to receive notifications of blog posts.


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